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How Do You Cure a Compassion Crisis?

Compassionate Care is not a Matter of Time

The co-author of a book on compassion in healthcare says that clinicians who feel they do not have the time to make a compassionate connection with patients need a mindset change.

Compassionomics (Book Review), Family Medicine (Official Journal of The Society of Teachers of family Medicine), 2020;52(6):454-455

I’ll admit I wasn’t excited when a colleague first told me about Compassionomics. Sure, we need to relate well to our patients; what’s new about that? I reluctantly picked up the book because I…

Compassion is contagious, and saves lives: What coronavirus is teaching us about caring for one another

When disaster strikes, the human spirit often shines. Our typical responses to hurricanes or earthquakes are marked by heroic compassion for one another.

This, however, is not always the case….

Making Medicine More Compassionate

When I was 15, my 21-year-old-brother died of a cancer no one had seen before. His compassionate physician helped us navigate teams of oncologists and wade through his very short journey—three weeks…