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Cooper University Hospital connects compassion and reducing PTSD

Patients who rated their care as more compassionate were less likely to develop PTSD.

Stephen Trzeciak (left), a critical care doctor, and Brian Roberts, an emergency physician, talk at Cooper…

The power of a physician’s kind word

Physicians sometimes wonder how much patients pay attention to what they say and what kind of impact they have made.

The answer appears to be that a kind word and expression of concern from a…

How compassion can help your bottom line

After all, the evidence shows that physicians are spending two-thirds of their time on paperwork—not with their patients. Medical professionals, from MDs to front-office staff, are run off their…

Lower healthcare costs with TLC: Ending the compassion crisis in under a minute

Across the athenahealth network and beyond, healthcare organizations are designing and implementing simple interventions with outsized impact on outcomes, satisfaction, and success. Here’s another.

Compassionomics 101: How kindness can make a big difference in health care

Dr. Stephen Trzeciak did not always believe that compassion makes a difference in health care – even if that seemed like the idealistic viewpoint to hold.

Then he took a look at the data. Trzeciak…